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Ignoring the Internet is one of the greatest threats to your company's survival today.
A virtual electronic shop front is now considered de rigeur for any modern business,
which presumably is exactly why you are evaluating the benefits of a web presence.

The dictum "less is more" applies as much to the Web as to anything else. Although whizzy animations are fun, they require download time, and the payoff is very rarely worth the wait. Most people who are looking at your site will want a reassuring sense of visual quality and easy access to valuable information.

Patience is a rare commodity among seasoned Internet users. Our approach is to
ensure that programming is always a slave to strategy. A simple, well-designed site, will be a far more effective marketing vehicle and sales engine, than a complex site that annoys the visitor by making them wait for applications to load. The real value of advanced Web programming is the capacity to accept and manipulate data, sales enquires and orders.

With this in mind we can combine programming with design to give you an original, eye catching presentation to launch you onto the Internet. We are a small, efficient business with low overheads. We build professional quality Web sites at fees considerably lower than those charged by large Web design firms.
If you would like to build a new web site or improve your current web site contact
NZDesigns for further information.

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